Astronomers have explained anomaly of borders of Solar system.



The first card of borders of the Solar system, made on the basis of collected IBEX information, has been made in October, 2009. On a card the narrow strip of power neutral atoms (them "catches" IBEX) which existence has not been predicted by any of existing models is well appreciable.

Authors of new work have assumed that the strip is formed as a result of work of the magnetic "mirror" formed by power lines of a magnetic field, surrounding Solar system. The charged particles along magnetic field lines. In Solar system their basic source is the star. The stream of the charged particles from the Sun has received the name of a solar wind. At some instant because of collisions with particles of interstellar substance components of a solar wind lose the charge and turn to power neutral atoms (). continue to move on a straight line, keeping a direction in which they moved to "the transformation" moment.

Researchers have assumed that as a result of various events can get again a charge and "be picked up" by a magnetic field surrounding Solar system. After a while particles lose again a charge and start to move on a straight line, but already in other direction. At a certain configuration of a magnetic field "secondary" can form the strip found out by device IBEX.

Scientists have checked up the theory, having constructed on the computer a card of borders of the Solar system, considering the effect of "mirror" described by them. The total picture (see an illustration to news) has turned out very similar to that that has given IBEX.

Started in space on October, 20th, 2008 device IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer the researcher of borders of interstellar space) addresses in an orbit in height of 320 thousand kilometres. With its help scientists expect to receive representation about borders of Solar system (distinguish at least three basic borders) and frontier zones.


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