One of companions "" started recently is put into operation.



One of companions "" started recently is put into operation
13.01.2010 One of three companions "GLONASS TH" started recently on Monday, on January, 11th, is placed in operation, informed on a Russian Space Department site. Taking into account this device total number of working companions in orbital grouping "" makes 16 pieces.

Three new companions have gone to space on December, 14th, 2009 onboard a carrier rocket "Proton Th". Thus, now in an orbit there are 22 companions of system "". Two of them have not entered yet into a system, three temporarily do not function in a regular mode. One more device it has been decided to exclude from system "" definitively.

In the end of September, 2009 into an orbit three more companions "GLONASS TH" should be started. However start has been transferred for 2010, and companions are dismantled and returned on manufacturer. The reason of such decision of a steel of suspicion on presence at devices of internal defects.

Working companions provide almost full covering with a signal of territory of Siberia. The covering in the Far East and the European part of Russia makes about 92-97 percent. That "" it was possible to use for navigation in all territory of Russia, about 18 devices are necessary to finish number of orbital grouping. Navigation worldwide becomes possible after the number of companions will reach 24. However according to the head of Russian Space Department Anatoly Perminova, for maintenance of reliable work of system 30 companions are necessary.


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