Astronomers have found out a suspicious asteroid near to the Earth.



Astronomers have found out a suspicious asteroid near to the Earth
13.01.2010 Astronomers have fixed the new asteroid which has received the name 2010 AL30 near to the Earth, informs portal Discovery News. The object in diameter about 10 metres will pass on Wednesday, on January, 13th, on distance of 130 thousand kilometres from our planet.

Some scientists have assumed that 2010 AL30 can represent останок a space vehicle. This hypothesis is connected with its cycle time round the Sun. It almost precisely makes one year. However the majority of astronomers are inclined to consider that "the suitable" period is a coincidence, and 2010 AL30 is a usual asteroid.

In the maximum rapprochement with our planet 2010 AL30 it will be possible to observe in telescopes in a direction of constellations of Orion, a Taurus and Fishes. Brightness of an asteroid corresponds to brightness of a star of 14th star size. With open years it is possible to observe stars, for which this parametre does not exceed 6-7 (than more numerical value of star size, especially dim is object; at a scale of star sizes there are also negative values).

Detection 2010 AL30 has provoked again discussions that existing means of tracking asteroids and comets it is not enough to protect the Earth from possible collision.



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