The Chinese becomes one of participants of land "flight" to Mars.



12.01.2010 One of participants of experiment "Mars-500" on flight modelling on the Red planet can become the citizen of China. In the near future some candidates will arrive to Russia for inspection, informs ITAR-TASS referring to Pavel Morgunova, the Press Secretary of Institute of medical and biologic problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences supervises experiment carrying out.

has not excluded that the Russian experts can select not only the major candidate, but also its doubler. It is not informed, whether Chinese "astronaut" will take a place of one of the Russian participants of experiment or for it the separate place will be allocated. Earlier it was informed that the crew structure will include four Russians and two Europeans. The structure of the Russian participants has been confirmed in the beginning of January.

"Flight" which 520 days will last, should begin in March, 2010. Within 250 days participants of experiment will "fly" to Mars, next 30 days will spend "on a surface" planets. "Returning" to the Earth will occupy even 240 days. The experimental modules necessary for carrying out of each stage of "flight", are in .

Carrying out of this long experiment was preceded by shorter 14-day and 105-day experiences. Last has come to the end in July, 2009. A main objective of all "Marsov" - studying of the psychological changes occurring to participants during long isolation from a society.


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