Our Galaxy - a huge star island, which includes Sun.


Донецкое спутниковое телевидение подключение, монтаж, настройка.


цифровое качественное оборудование для спутникового телевидения в донецке

1год гарантии.




программа передач на спутниковое телевидение в донецке .


(широта: 48°, долгота: 37.8°)

Our Galaxy - a huge star island, which includes Sun. The vast majority of Galactic stars, but by their current estimates there are over 200 billion, concentrated in a flat disc that we see him in heaven as illuminating the Milky Way bar, and in the spiral branch. In the center of the galaxy is compact condensed matter - the kernel, which is the physical nature and physical processes that occur in it, now the subject of detailed study.If you talk about a lot of visible matter in our galaxy, roughly 95% of it falls on the stars, and about 5% - of interstellar gas and dust. Space Galaxy permeated streams of charged particles enormous energies, and the interstellar gas has a magnetic field.One of the main difficulties that they are dealing with astronomers studying galaxy - our internal situation in this stellar system. Second - the absorption of radiation distant galactic objects interstellar matter.These difficulties can be overcome if the study of galaxies in all ranges of electromagnetic waves. Where something we can not observe directly, please contact the theoretical considerations that can help restore these levels of processes and phenomena are not enough.Finally, in this case plays a major role is familiar to us the method of comparison. Beyond our Galaxy, there are many other star systems, we can observe from the side, in different angles and at different stages of development.Comparing them to each other and with our Galaxy, showing their similarities and differences, Inquiring into the reasons for this, we know the general regularities of the structure and evolution of stellar systems, and hence the star of our island.World galaxies. Galaxy - basic structural units of our universe. One of them is contained in the constellation Andromeda. This is a giant spiral galaxy, similar in its construction to us, and it consists of hundreds of billions of stars. Light from the Earth it is about 2 million years.Andromeda Galaxy with our galaxy and neighboring galaxies have several smaller masses form the so-called Local Group. Some among this group of star systems, including large and small Magellanic Clouds are satellites of our Galaxy. Along with it, they revolve around the common center of mass.Another cluster of galaxies located in the constellation Virgo. It is the center of even more gigantic than the Local Group, star of the islands - Nadskupchennya galaxies, which includes local and group of our galaxy.Modern means of astronomical research found a huge area of space radius of about 10 - 12 billion light years.On this site are billions of galaxies, their combination is called metagalaxy.By their appearance galaxies are divided into three main types: elliptical, spiral and irregular.Our Galaxy is one of the spiral. And such galaxies is about 50% of Star Island. This circumstance makes it easier to use by comparison.Universe. In recent years the scientific and popular scientific literature can be found expressions such as "age of the universe, the universe in time, the radius of the Universe", etc..What at first glance, such statements contradict our expectations about the eternity of matter, conservation laws of matter and motion. However, this imaginary contradiction. It is associated with changes to the concept of "Universe", which occurred in recent years by the development of astronomical ideas and philosophical thought. Earlier the concept of "Universe" was considered identical with the word "material world", now there is a need in their differentiation, which is linked not only to enhance our knowledge of cosmic phenomena, but with the understanding that the process of scientific knowledge is a process subject object-object interaction.Matter is infinitely varied. Material World - a countless number of objects, phenomena, events, processes, communication and relationships. To effectively reach them all, without exception, know that all the matter immediately, unable to science at least from the obvious reason that when people began to explore the world away from today for the final time. Therefore, science at any level of development is able to cover and actually covers only a certain range of phenomena, processes, communication and relationships.During his practice one selects from the infinite diversity of the material world of finite objects, events, relationships, relationships, interactions: building a scientific picture of the world. The picture that develops as the accumulation of knowledge, reflecting the increasingly deeper laws of the universe. Thus, the scientific picture of the world - is the final "cut" infinite variety of objective reality."If the universe that we studied today, there was 20 billion years ago, from a philosophical point of view it is important recognition of the objective nature of the process as a matter of self-development phase space. Right specific sciences - physics to understand and describe this process. Maybe. Is to think and the existence of many universes with complex topology. Therefore it is expedient to distinguish the term Universe pryrododoslidnyka that affect our information about the Universe, accumulated at any given time, from the philosophical notion of the material world. This concept includes a hidden form in all future developments in the teachings of the Universe pryrododoslidnyka " '.Thus, aggregate data about the universe, the accumulated science at this point in time, mark the appropriate term "Universe pryrododoslidnyka" as opposed to the philosophical concept of "material world", which includes a hidden form in all future developments in the teachings of "The Universe pryrododoslidnyka."Pryrododoslidnyka Universe" is a complex subject-object interaction. It reflects the real properties of matter, but raise the question of what these properties are outside the cognitive processes that it zdiyt onyue humanity, vanity."The controversy about the validity or invalidity of thinking that izolyuyetsya the practice is a purely scholastic question" - Karl Marx stressed. The only way to view reality - its vision through the lens of practice.Thus, humanity during his practice has developed his "Universe pryrododoslidnyka, highlighting the infinite variety of matter with those of its properties and patterns that are most important for practice, for the very existence of human society, for its further development.Extensible theory of the universe. The main objective of one of the most important chapters of modern astrophysics - cosmology is to study the structurespace of the universe on a large scale and patterns of evolution in time.In 1922 the Soviet mathematician A. Friedman, analyzing the equations of general relativity theory of Einstein, which describe the behavior of the universe, came to an unexpected conclusion that the universe can not be in steady state: it must either expand or shrink away, or pulse.Further conclusions Friedman received confirmation of astronomical observations, which are found in the spectra of galaxies, red shift of spectral lines corresponding to the mutual alienation of these stellar systems.Since all cluster galaxies away from us, unwittingly it seems that our Galaxy is located in the center of expansion in a stationary central point of the universe that is expanding. This circumstance was used by some defenders of religion, which tried to prove it again with our exclusive position in svitobudovi.In fact we are dealing with another astronomical illusion. Expansion of the Universe in such a way that it is not "overwhelming" fixed point. What would two clusters of galaxies we have selected, the distance between them grow over time. This means that time is of the galaxies would not himself an observer, he sees the same picture rozbihannya star islands that we see.So we live in an unsteady universe, which extends, which varies with time and history which is netotozhnym its current state and contemporary - the future.Turning mentally picture the movement of galaxies back, scientists concluded that the totality of the surrounding star systems - metagalaxy arose as a result of explosive expansion of superdense hot plasma with temperatures in the hundreds of millions of Kelvin and a huge density of about 1095 g/cm3, which is 81 above the order of the density of atomic nuclei.



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