European Research probe Venus Express went to Venus.

Донецкое спутниковое телевидение подключение, монтаж, настройка.


цифровое качественное оборудование для спутникового телевидения в донецке

1год гарантии.




программа передач на спутниковое телевидение в донецке .


(широта: 48°, долгота: 37.8°)

Nov. 9, 2005 Its almost five months long journey 400 million miles coming to an end. A week later, on April 11 Venus Express should enter orbit of Venus.

Ground Flight Control Specialists from the Center for Space Operations (Space Operations Centre) in Darmstadt (Germany) is now actively preparing for this operation. Back in February, were tested basic engine of the probe (it was included in 3 seconds), which should play a major role in reaching okolovenerianskuyu orbit. Now the speed of the apparatus on Venus is 29 thousand kilometers per hour. After a 50-minute inclusion of the main engine speed should drop to 24.65 thousand km / hour, after which the gravitational field of Venus will be able to capture the probe. This maneuver will be spent a large part of the existing on-board fuel and its tank is about 570 kg. But, as is usually the case, the probe will be released first on highly elliptical orbit. Its correction to obtain the specified parameters, to be held by early May.


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